Heritage Tours of Boston


Boston is one of the most important large cities in the development of the colonies into what is now the United States of America. This city has seen some of the most important and dramatic changes in the history of the country. As such, visitors to this unique city are given access to some of the most interesting historical markers and tours in the country. This is why so many people flock to the city every year when the weather turns nice. If you are interested in learning more about the unique history of the United States by visiting this historically significant city, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind to get the most out of your visit.

Reasons to Visit Boston

Boston is home to some of the most important historical sites in New England, and this is very obvious to anyone who has spent even a little time researching the city. Boston looks at its place in American history as one of the most important things it has to offer. Due to this, cultural tours of various monuments are a very important part of the economy here and are easy to find.

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail may be short, but it is definitely crammed full of interesting historical landmarks. At only 2.5 miles long, this trail is short enough for just about anyone to easily walk. The brick-lined trail meanders through 16 major historical sites around the city. Among these major sites are sites of major massacres and some of the places where revolution fomented against the British Crown. One of the major feathers in the cap of Boston is that many regard it as the place where the American Revolution really began. The Tea Party in Boston Harbor was seen by many as the pivotal action that led to the Revolution, and you can expect to hear references to it often throughout your tours.

Sons and Daughters of Liberty Tour - Historic Tours

Historic Tours operates in many different areas, but its tours through Boston are always some of the most popular you'll find anywhere. The Sons and Daughters of Liberty Tour is especially popular, thanks in part to the reenactments and cultural immersion that is part of this tour. People on this tour are guided through town to visit sites that tell the story of the famous people who made Boston great. In full costume, guides regale tour attendees with interesting stories of battles, massacres and the hope of a new nation.

Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum

In 1773, angry colonists dumped 300 crates of tea into Boston Harbor in protest of arbitrary taxation imposed on the colonies by the British Crown. This event would later be donned the "Boston Tea Party" and is now regarded as a pivotal moment in the history of the United States. This museum and tour center provides visitors with an in-depth view of the things that led to this revolutionary event. Visitors are able to step onto the ship itself, learning about the way people lived in the late 1700s and about what led to the event. The museum is also still in possession of an actual crate that was launched into the harbor on that fateful night in 1773. This is just one of many culturally significant heirlooms that can be found on this unique tour. The museum should be on the itinerary of anyone who wants to say they've really gotten a look at the revolutionary history of Boston.

Walking Boston

Walking Boston is a tour company that is led by Bostonian Ben Edwards. There are a number of options available to tourists, and you can choose the one that best suits your schedule and educational desires. There is a "Regular Tour" option that covers the basics of what Boston has to offer, and this is perhaps the most popular option in this assortment. However, there are also two separate "Extended" tour options. These include varying levels of time commitment on your part, but they also offer access to some of the "secret" parts of Boston. When you take these tours, you are going on a guided adventure to some of the most historically significant areas in the country.

See Boston Your Way

In the end, tour groups are not the only way to see this great city. Boston is the type of city that really does have something for everyone, and you shouldn't discount the benefits of simply wandering through its historic districts. These tours will give you the best "bang for your buck" in terms of time, but there is more to see than could ever be covered in tours. Simply wandering through the streets of Boston can lead you to some unique historical discoveries that can make your trip truly memorable.

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