Heritage Tours of New England

New England

During your time in New England, you will likely be overtaken by the sheer amount of things to do in the region. The history, nature and architecture of the area provides enough to keep you busy for a long time. If you're mostly interested in the cultural heritage of the area, you may want to focus your attention on finding tours that focus on this specific part of the area. After all, there is far too much to learn in New England for any one tour to cover.

Major Things to See and Do

When you're visiting New England, it's important to remember that you're visiting the area of the United States with the oldest history of settlement. As such, New England has an enormous amount of historical places for you to visit. In Massachusetts alone there are hundreds of sites that you could spend an entire day at. Whether you want to check out the longstanding history of large cities like Boston or national heritage trails, there is something for everyone here.

Boston and Massachusetts

Discover New England operates throughout New England, but it has a very large presence in Massachusetts. Most of its tours are centered around the cultural history of the region, and there are a great many options for you no matter what you're interested in. Whenever you travel to the New England region of the United States, it should go without saying that you need to visit Massachusetts to really understand the region. The history of the towns in this state is some of the richest you'll find anywhere, and this is why the tours here are so popular. Many famous towns actually make a living off of this history, turning themselves into living historical monuments of a time long-since passed.

Plymouth, Massachusetts is perhaps one of the most well-known sites in the historical record of the colonization of the United States of America. Most school children grow up hearing the tale of settlers landing at Plymouth Rock to start their lives in the New World. The town of Plymouth has done a lot to build upon this historical background, making the town a perfect stop for anyone who's interested in learning more about the history of the region. Visiting Plymouth Plantation will give you a first-hand understanding of how settlers began to make a life for themselves. The Mayflower II is a working ship that matches the original Mayflower almost exactly. Tours are operated on a daily basis on both the ship and the plantation.

One of Boston's major historical draws is the very popular Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile walk along a brick path that visits 16 distinct, important historical sites around Boston. This tour is especially popular because of the easy walking distance and the density of things to see along the route.

Connecticut and Rhode Island

Connecticut and Rhode Island are two states that were known for their religious tolerance and their connection with the Natives. Mashantucket, Connecticut has one of the most popular heritage tours of Native American sites in New England. The tour most importantly includes the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center, which is well-known as one of the best museums of its kind in the United States. The museum has a working representation of a real Pequot village from around the 16th century.

Rhode Island became wealthy on the back of international trade. International trade helped to bring a lot of money into the area during settlement, and this money went into the creation of Brown University. In Providence, Rhode Island, the "Mile of History" is a very popular historical tour. It is found along Benefit Street, and there is a wealth of well-kept 18th and 19th century buildings along the street.

The Rest of New England

New Hampshire is known for its wealth of museums and cultural tours involving what life was like for settlers early in the development of the Union. Charlestown, Concord and Portsmouth all have museums that are strictly dedicated to how settlers and Natives lived during the early days of settlement.

Salem, Maine is home to the notorious Salem Witch Trials. During the trials, many innocent people were murdered by local townsfolk who were convinced they were beset on all sides by witches and devils. Salem is among the most unique of the towns you can visit in New England today, as it has the most begrudging respect for its infamous heritage.

See the Heart of Colonial America

New England is the place to go if you are interested in learning more about colonial America. The people and towns of this area make it their mission to educate visitors of their proud heritage, and this makes for a very informative trip. When you stop in New England, you are immersed in colonial culture.

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