Privacy Policy

Heritage Travel respects the privacy of our users and follows a strict privacy policy. This Privacy Policy is applicable to any personal information which we may receive via the web site. Be assured that the information you share with us is kept strictly confidential and fully secure, and that we will never misuse this information. We are committed to user privacy protection and will keep everything secure as stated in the Data Protection Act, 1984.

Personal User Data

The only ways in which Heritage Travel may receive personally identifiable information about you is if you knowingly and willingly provide the information by contacting us using the contact form.

Third Party Sites

Heritage Travel links to other sites in order to provide you with additional useful information and services. Third party Internet sites and services accessible through Heritage Travel have separate privacy and data collection practices, independent of us. Heritage Travel has no responsibility or liability for these independent policies or actions. Please be careful and responsible whenever you're online. We encourage you to look for and review the privacy policies of any third-party site you visit.

User Consent

By using our website, you consent to the collection and uses of the information detailed here. Any changes in our Privacy Policy will appear on this page so you are aware of what we collect and how we use it.