Heritage Tours of Texas


The great state of Texas is a place that features so many amazing landmarks and great history that a week-long vacation won't be enough. In many of the most historical areas of the state, they offer various heritage tours that allow you to go back in history and learn about the important people and places that shaped the way the state turned out. Depending on what you like, there are numerous areas that can be toured that will leave you with lasting memories.

JFK Assassination Trail

Whether you are a believer in conspiracy theories or are just a fan of what President John F. Kennedy did for the United States during his time as the head of the country, the JFK Assassination Trail is a tour you will want to take. You have the option of either taking part in this tour for as short as six hours or for a full day. Among the places the tour takes you is where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot the president, which now stands as a museum, but the tour doesn't only include this location. It also includes a tour of other notable Dallas locations including the Turtle Creek House where Oswald had previously attempted to assassinate Ret. Gen. Edwin Walker, the Dallas Trade Mart where Kennedy was set to make his speech that day, the Texas Movie Theater where Oswald was captured after fighting with police.

Sante Fe Trail

One of the most exciting Heritage Tours offered is the Sante Fe Trail. This tour is either six days and five nights or seven days and six nights and immerses you directly into the culture. You won't be riding along in a coach bus on this tour; rather you will travel from spot to spot in wagon trains fighting the elements like resident used to do in the middle 1800s. The weather won't be your only enemy as you will also need to fight off bandits and Indians. The tour starts off in Kansas City, Missouri and ends in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Best of San Antonio

San Antonio is known for their amazing food, culture, and history. With the tour of San Antonio, you will be able to see all the amazing sights and have a chance to eat like San Antonio natives do. The historic Spanish city has a lot of different places that make this tour one of the best Heritage Tours offered. Among the locations you will have a chance to visit will be the Alamo and the Riverwalk, both of which are top destinations for visitors to the great city. In the downtown area, you can visit the San Fernando Cathedral, the Navarro House, and the Arneson Theatre.

Great Courthouses of Texas

One thing people often forget about in Texas is the abundance of beautiful 19th century courthouses that are spread across the state. From Dallas to Fort Worth to Decatur to Hillsboro, you will have a chance to visit these courthouses and learn how democracy operates. This tour is offered solely for students and their parents and includes lunch, speakers, transportation, and study materials. There are other field trips tours offered as educational packages for students and their parents including Cowboys and Corpus, San Jacinto Battlefield and the Battleship Texas, and The Big Bend/Trans Pecos Area - A Wild West Adventure.

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